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Kinder Kids 2021-2022

In Term 1 (September-December 2021), KCS will offer one term of kindergarten curriculum in a fully online format. We believe that this revised program structure offers flexibility and affordability for families during this time of uncertainty while providing children with a consistent, connected learning experience.

In structuring the online program for Kinder Kids, we have developed a rich and engaging 4-month course of kindergarten curriculum, focusing on foundational skills in math and literacy, along with weekly enrichment activities including STEM, art, music, and physical education. Our Kinder Kids teachers, Ms. Guia Adiao and Ms. Clair Palmer, are excited to offer a wide range of learning experiences that meet children’s social-emotional, language, physical, and cognitive needs at this important stage in their development, and to work in close partnership with you to support your child’s strengths, growth, and well-being throughout this extended campus closure. 

Program Information

High-quality, U.S.-standard early years curriculum, delivered within a consistent daily program of whole-group meetings (for social connection and oral language), small-group sessions (for targeted instruction in literacy and math), and independent learning (for whole-child development)

• A balance of synchronous (live sessions led by a teacher) and asynchronous activities (independent learning), with clear guidelines, expectations, and tools for participation

• A sense of classroom community with a stable group of classmates

Differentiated instruction based on your child’s learning needs, facilitated by small-group lessons, 1:1 check-ins, and individualized learning activities

• A well-defined scope and sequence with end-of-term learning targets and individual assessment data  


• Strong home-school partnership and regular communication with our teachers (Ms. Clair and Ms. Guia), facilitated by the use of the Seesaw app

Guidance and support in ensuring safe and responsible use of technology and age-appropriate online tools

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Please see the sample schedule of the Term 1 daily program in order to understand the timings and expectations of our home learning format. Kindly note that your child will need to have regular access to a tech device Monday-Friday @ 9:00-11:30am (not continuous) and 2:00-3:00pm, as well as a designated area in the home that is well-suited for engaging in teacher-guided learning activities. We look forward to welcoming your child and family to "Virtual Kindergarten"!

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